Welcome to my Music Portfolio!

My name is Mariam Brehm and I’m currently a 6th year student (2014/15) in the German section at the European School Brussels 1. This blog is part of the European Baccalaureate in the subject of music. My portfolio will show the progress I will make from now until my Baccalaureate. I chose the Music 4 option because I really like music and I maybe want to study it.

My passion is the harp. I started to play this instrument in 2005, after I turned 7 years old. Before I discovered the harp I had already played the piano and the violin. I stopped having lessons in these two lessons due to the fact that I wanted to concentrate myself on one Instrument only. Currently I have lessons with Agnés Peytour in private and at the Music Academy of Anderlecht.

I mostly play classical music. Last school year I played solo pieces from John Parry (Sonata in D major) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIBHSllw1UU , Jean-Michel Damase (Tango for harp) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3tIm-9sj30, Michail Glinka (Variations on a Theme of Mozart) and Sophia Giustina Dussek (Sonata in C minor). But I’m also open to try new  pieces. At the end of 5th year Elisa Di Bucci (voice), Charlotte Rommel (Cello) and I covered the chart song Rather Be by Clean Bandit for our Examen.

Currently I play in two orchestras, the school orchestra and in the LJO-Saar  (LandesJugendOrchester Saarland). I have played in the school orchestra with the violin for four years but now I only join it when there is the need of a harp. Since 2011 I have played in the LJO-Saar which is a youth orchestra of the German state Saarland. This orchestra rehearses twice a year intensively for one week to prepare the concerts. Last year (autumn 2013) I had the great opportunity to go on a concert tour with the LJO to Rumania. We performed in several cities and it was very great.

 Since 2010 I have participate regularly in harp competitions. I competed in the “Harpegio Concours” in Brussels in 2010, 2012 (2nd prize)  and 2014. It is held every two years in the MIM (museum of musical instruments). In 2011 and 2014 I participated in “Jugend Musiziert”, a German music competition for the youth. In both years I got a 3rd prize in the final.

I have already participated in several masterclasses and summer courses. I find it very interesting to hear the opinion of different musicians and I really appreciate to work  with them. I have taken part several times in the summer course “Académies d’été du Grand Nancy” in France to take lessons with Germaine Lorenzini.

In the following two years I would like to improve my knowledge over the different styles and types of music. I want to understand how the music developed and why it did so. After my baccalaureate I want to look back and see the improvement I did. For me music is a way to express yourself and your emotions without words.

I hope that you will enjoy my musical journey!  🙂

Mariam Brehm, October 2014

Update 4th of June 2016:

In a few days our final music exam will take place. In the last two years I have learnt many things about different styles and types of music, listened to many examples, composed four pieces and wrote a research project about electric and electro -acoustic harps.

I’m really happy that I took the music 4-hour option course because the syllabus is very multifaceted and encourages practical components like composing and performing.

Next year I’m probably going to make a gap year and work at a cultural institution, for example a music school. I’m still not sure if I want to study music and become a professional musician so I hope that the gap year will help me to decide.

Either way I will continue to make and enjoy music – the journey is not yet over!







4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mariam,

    Thank you for this great portfolio and wish you all the best on your way as a musician.

    Mrs Kovacs


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